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Not everything stays hidden in our past, sometimes it returns when you least expect it. Lillian realized this when the demonic doll she owned years ago somehow resurfaced. Now fifteen-year-old Janie has the toy.

Blaming herself for the young woman’s brewing terror, Lillian tries to help Janie and get the doll back. Unfortunately, Janie refuses to listen to reason. A decision she might not live long enough to regret.

Will Lillian be able to get the hellish toy back and destroy it before somebody dies? Or will the doll succeed in committing murder?

Release Date: To Be Determined

Sydney Vickerson comes home from an art weekend with her friend and discovers Stan, the man living next door, has died. Regardless of his cause of death he decides he's not going to rest in peace. He wants something from Sydney and he won't leave her alone until he gets it.

Release Date: To Be Determined

Join Lillian Darkwood in her fourth adventure. An innocent day of exploring a estate with one of her good friends lead to more than Lillian bargained for when she sees something in a photo that unravels the truth to a possible disappearance and crime.

Release Date: To Be Determined

A group of people end up stranded on an open road with no hope of rescue. There only option is to enter a forest full of the unknown and possible death in search of a house and a phone. Will any of them make it to the house alive or will their past demons and wrongful deeds catch up to them?