Paranormal mystery sleuth Lillian Darkwood is back in an all new adventure. An opportunity of a lifetime has fallen into her lap: an

all-expenses-paid trip to England to visit a castle that has been abandoned for centuries. Upon her arrival, Lillian discovers that she is one of eleven strangers chosen to participate in a quest with one chilling goal: find the Cabinet of Souls to break a curse. Nothing to it, right?

The glamor of adventure quickly fades when the quest turns deadly. As the near-death experiences and terrifying ghostly encounters start to piling up, Lillian realizes that this is no longer just a hunt through a castle. It is a fight for their lives.

Will the ragtag group of diverse participants Lillian has been thrown together with be able to solve their differences in time to work together and break the curse? Will any of them get out alive or will the ghosts and demons of the castle prevail?