Lillian Darkwood, teacher by day, paranormal investigator by night, thought she would be spending a quiet holiday with her family, but that idyllic plan changed with a single phone call. A student in one of Lillian’s classes calls her begging for help. She and three other girls had been playing a game with a Ouija board to beat their winter boredom. It all started out innocently enough but things went sideways quickly when they decided to hold a seance in a house that, unbeknownst to them, was haunted.

Will Lillian be able to save the girls from the evil within the board? Will she find out the answers hidden in the mysterious house before the malevolent spirits released by the board succeed in pulling all of them over to the dark side, never to return?

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Not everything stays hidden in our past, sometimes it returns when you least expect it. Lillian realized this when the demonic doll she owned years ago somehow resurfaced. Now fifteen-year-old Janie has the toy.

Blaming herself for the young woman’s brewing terror, Lillian tries to help Janie and get the doll back. Unfortunately, Janie refuses to listen to reason. A decision she might not live long enough to regret.

Will Lillian be able to get the hellish toy back and destroy it before somebody dies? Or will the doll succeed in committing murder?


‘THE DOLL’ is an interesting and great story, which will be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike. Rosie Burthom’s skillful writing takes us on an amazing journey. As each chapter pulls you deeper into Janie’s life. Rosie brings a new twist at every turn in the story. The ending of ‘The Doll’ causes you to look for Rosie Burthom’s next book.

- Bertha Joseph

Janie Leadermier is a likeable girl due to the writers authentic, true to her word style. This mysterious doll, with the backdrop of a timeless Dad and daughter relationship makes for an enjoyable read. Nicely woven story!

- Brenda Ann Wright

An explicit page-turner and a must read. Heart pounding and suspenseful story that holds you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing until the very end.

- Ruth-Anne Hamilton

I was impressed by the quality of the storyline. An insight into the lives of the disadvantaged and their ability to rise above challenges as well as a real page-turner mystery! A must read for those interested in the supernatural!

- S. Gdyczynski

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Available in eBook & Paperback

Paranormal mystery sleuth Lillian Darkwood is back in an all new adventure. An opportunity of a lifetime has fallen into her lap: an all-expenses-paid trip to England to visit a castle that has been abandoned for centuries. Upon her arrival, Lillian discovers that she is one of eleven strangers chosen to participate in a quest with one chilling goal: find the Cabinet of Souls to break a curse. Nothing to it, right?

The glamor of adventure quickly fades when the quest turns deadly. As the near-death experiences and terrifying ghostly encounters start to piling up, Lillian realizes that this is no longer just a hunt through a castle. It is a fight for their lives.

Will the ragtag group of diverse participants Lillian has been thrown together with be able to solve their differences in time to work together and break the curse? Will any of them get out alive or will the ghosts and demons of the castle prevail?


Paranormal mystery sleuth Lillian Darkwood is back in an all new adventure by R.M. Burthom. In The Soul Jars, a visit to an old castle becomes much more than she bargained for! Darkwood must lead a ragtag, motley crew of characters on a quest to break a centuries old curse. R.M. Burthom has created a delightful cast of loveable, quirky characters. The book is warm hearted, at times laugh-out-loud, yet spine chilling page turner. Burthom blends humor, chills, thrills and heart into a cozy, comfortable read that will have you turning pages ever faster to find out how it all turns out.

- R. Jetleb, Author

The Soul Jars is a great book. The paranormal aspect is different than anything I’ve ever read before. It’s thoroughly an enjoyable read. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out what happened next.

- Sandra Kulperger

I just finished reading "Soul Jars". Wow, what a page turner. Keeps you in suspense the whole time. Very descriptive!

- Kathy Roberts

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